I struggled for years in getting a job in the Health Sector. PATH have given me the route into an NHS Traineeship as a Phlebotomist. PATH helped me gain practical work experience, it developed my knowledge and skills, helped me to gain employment.

I studied a Science Access course, previously worked for the Retail Industry in jewellery, clothes, cars and toiletries. I struggled with getting jobs in the Healthcare Sector. I saw a PATH Traineeship advertisement on Indeed and signed up for future email updates from PATH. Then I applied for a PATH Traineeship as a Phlebotomist in NHS Hospital and was so happy to get the position.

As a Trainee Phlebotomist, I learned about procedures in blood collecting from patients and developed my skills in dealing with people from different backgrounds. It helped me be more confident and knowledgeable in this field. I am now hoping to be in a permanent employment as a Phlebotomist.

I would strongly recommend PATH Yorkshire Traineeship to anybody who would want an opportunity to be in the a professional training structure and gain the confidence and skills necessary to compete for jobs.