I graduated in 2009 and struggled to find a job in my area of interest (technology). Reasons for this included not having enough experience in the sector, not applying to jobs of interest because of this lack of experience and confidence in my abilities.

I found PATH through an online search while job hunting. I thought a PATH traineeship would be a good opportunity to develop further skills and knowledge, but also as a way to fill gaps in my employment.

Since undertaking the traineeship, my time management, organisational skills and social media knowledge has strengthened. Furthermore, my confidence in my own abilities has grown and because of the work experience I have gained, it has allowed me to apply for more appropriate job roles that I would have deterred from doing so in the past.

Challenges I faced whilst job hunting: presenting myself and performing well in interviews and adjusting to the types of questions asked: competency based questions and what if scenarios.

Challenges I faced on traineeship: being delegated tasks I have no experience or knowledge in (marketing).

PATH training sessions and staff provided a great supportive environment and helpful advice.