I came to Leeds from Edinburgh to study for a degree and worked in the media industry for a number of years. Later I worked in a government Quango where I was eventually made redundant as the company closed down. Before I became involved with the PATH programme I was with an employment agency supplying office workers throughout Leeds. I would be employed for short periods at a time until the work dried up. I had considered seeking work in a school setting but knew it would be difficult with no particular experience in that area.  I then spotted the opportunity for a training position at the North West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre (SILC) on the PATH website and my life changed.

When I was a trainee, the help I got from PATH was fantastic. Totally supportive, positive and with bags of enthusiasm, their Project Workers are always there whenever I needed any help or guidance.  I always happy and secure knowing that PATH was at the end of the line if ever I needed any help or support.  Through my employment as a trainee, I have gained a deep and broad experience and knowledge of working in a school setting.

When I initially started my training at Green Meadows, working in a school was entirely new to me but within a week I knew one thing – this was something I should have done ten years ago. It was profound to say the least. I found I was in my element and slotted in quite easily, working hard, being able to communicate with the pupils and working well and being accepted by the staff.  I always knew that if I worked hard and showed positivity then being employed when the training finished was a distinct possibility.

I am now employed by the school and although not on a permanent basis, I know that my experience since February will stand me in good stead whatever happens in the future.