I joined PATH Yorkshire’s ‘SECOND CHANCE’ Project. Through the project, I completed the 2 courses, access counselling and one-to-one support. At the beginning, an Action Plan was agreed between me and my PATH Adviser with specifics of what I am hoping to achieve through the Second Chance project, these serves as my goals. One-to-one sessions with my PATH Adviser helped me to think of my achievements and progress which is measured with my goals.

Confidence Building Course

The course has helped me to think things through, to know that there are options available and not to be scared to make a decision. For me, to know that there is always help available and not be afraid to ask. The Outcome Start is one of the tools for different aspects of my life, that has a number scale of 1 to 10, that shows how I am feeling. 1 – not feeling confident, 10 – feeling very confident. When I started the course, i was feeling not very confident on 4-5 scale. When I finished the course, I was in the scale of 7-8, feeling more confident about myself and different aspects of my life. In one of the sessions, I spoke in front of the class about my past achievements, the more I spoke positively about myself, my confidence improved and it helped take me out of my comfort zone.

Money Matters Course

The course helped me to manage my finances better. Think about what I spend my money on, my spending habits. Not to be scared and ashamed of being in debt, to know there is ¬†help and advice available. I am now able to manage my finances better and with confidence. Through the Second Chance project, I also completed a very helpful course with Feel Good Factor called ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’.


Helped me to get past issues and concerns, to see things in perspective and to see myself positively. Also to come out of my negative mind set. Discussing ways of keeping up the momentum, keeping a diary of how I’m feeling, writing positive affirmations about myself and goals I want to achieve.

Volunteering Opportunities 

To gain work experience, new skills and work confidence which will be helpful to my future job goals, I volunteered as a Receptionist/Admin Assistant briefly for two charities: PATH Yorkshire and Oblong.

Overall, the Second Chance Project has helped me make changes in the way I think and created a positive impact in how I feel about myself which has improved my health, well-being and my life.