I lacked self-confidence and have been applying for several jobs, been called to a number of interviews but been unsuccessful in my applications. Then I came to PATH Yorkshire because I thought being an African, they will give me a chance and support me with job search, prepare for interviews and maybe signpost me to organisations where people from BME backgrounds are under-represented.

I joined PATH Yorkshire’s Second Chance Project and participated in the Confidence Building course which boosted my self-esteem. I also accessed Counselling sessions and one-to-one support through the project.

I attended the series of Employability Workshops which I found to be very useful. I was given information and support in rewriting my CV and preparing/attending job interviews.

I gained confidence and applied for a job. I was shortlisted and attended the interviews with confidence and got the job. I am now working as a Supported Living Care Coordinator for Home Group and as a Bank Healthcare Worker for Waterloo Manor Independent Hospital.