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Let’s listen to what our students said about the courses and their experiences learning English with us

I know the alphabet, but I can’t write. I don’t know how to put the words together. I would like to learn to do this more and hope to put words together.

Learner, Ebor Gardens Community Centre

I like that we are learning

From a Syrian women learner

I like different activities

From a learner at Ebor Gardens Community Centre

We have good teachers

From a learner at One Community Centre

I know how to write now

Learner – anonymous

When I come to England I sit in house one year because I don’t know where to learn English. Now is good here Path Yorkshire. My husband stay with baby. My husband work every day except Monday. Now he come in car.

A student from Sudan said this is the first time she has ever learned English

Four years I’m living here and I never once went in a library until now. I didn’t know I can take books and use computer. My daughter was so small. Then I went to India one year because my mother-in-law was so ill. Now my daughter in school and I am free. I just need a job. I need a place to go, to learn English, and some people to talk… some friends, like here.

A new student said at the end of a library visit

I come to English school last two months ago. When I come first to this school, I was depress. Now I feel amazing and better. The teacher is very very friendly, individual talk with me. My English is still bad but at this moment I am more confident and always speak English. The school and teacher is brilliant, and I am very very glad I can communicate better.

A learner from Together Women ESOL class

I am so happy to come to this class because it gave me so much confidence and I can easily talk English now. I love my teacher so much. She is very kind and patient.

Narges - A learner from one of our English Class

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