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Beginners (Talk English)


Support people with low levels of English to improve their language skills, access services and get more involved in the community. Will help you to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. There are regular activities for people learning English so they can meet others, practise speaking English and do something fun and different. Click here to see Class Schedules and Venues

Pre-entry and 

Entry 1-3 English courses 

(Connecting Opportunities)


These courses contains different modules: Me and My Future, Me and My Money, Me and My Health and Wellbeing, and Me and Where I Live.

All course modules help you to:

  • describe personal information
  • ask/ answer questions
  • improve study skills
  • learn about British culture and values 

Level 1 – 2

English for Work courses

(Connecting Opportunities)


  • Me and My Future module supports you to:
    • find community activities 
    • arrange volunteer work 
    • describe skills and experience 
    • target your CV for jobs
    • prepare for interviews 
    • plan next steps
  • Workplace Culture module prepares you to
    • understand salaries and documents such as employment contracts, agency timesheets and pay slips
    • learn about HR, leave requests and company policies
    • find out what employee legal rights and equal opportunities mean
    • chat to new colleagues and listen to British accents
    • speak during work meetings and write emails and reports



Conversational English Club




Practise speaking at Seven cafe, and enjoy a free drink and cake

  • increase confidence in different social situations
  • make friends
  • small talk with neighbours 
  • talk about feelings 
  • give opinions
  • agree and disagree politely


I am interested in:

Our Class Gallery

Let’s listen to what our students said about the courses and their experiences learning English with us

I know the alphabet, but I can’t write. I don’t know how to put the words together. I would like to learn to do this more and hope to put words together.

Learner, Ebor Gardens Community Centre

I like that we are learning

From a Syrian women learner

I like different activities

From a learner at Ebor Gardens Community Centre

We have good teachers

From a learner at One Community Centre

I know how to write now

Learner – anonymous

When I come to England I sit in house one year because I don’t know where to learn English. Now is good here Path Yorkshire. My husband stay with baby. My husband work every day except Monday. Now he come in car.

A student from Sudan said this is the first time she has ever learned English

Four years I’m living here and I never once went in a library until now. I didn’t know I can take books and use computer. My daughter was so small. Then I went to India one year because my mother-in-law was so ill. Now my daughter in school and I am free. I just need a job. I need a place to go, to learn English, and some people to talk… some friends, like here.

A new student said at the end of a library visit

I come to English school last two months ago. When I come first to this school, I was depress. Now I feel amazing and better. The teacher is very very friendly, individual talk with me. My English is still bad but at this moment I am more confident and always speak English. The school and teacher is brilliant, and I am very very glad I can communicate better.

A learner from Together Women ESOL class

I am so happy to come to this class because it gave me so much confidence and I can easily talk English now. I love my teacher so much. She is very kind and patient.

Narges - A learner from one of our English Class

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